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Earth as we know it, is big. The energy associated with earth, in Tai Chi, is Lu or Rollback. The movement that most represents this energy is also called rollback. Since the movements were named after the energies, it can be assumed that any Tai Chi movement that is named rollback has rollback (earth) energy. The energy is defined entirely by the opponent falling to the earth. If the opponent doesn't fall then the rollback is weak. Obviously there are many ways to make someone fall however it would be a good idea to remember that you can train the subtleties that Tai Chi is known for or you can suck at it. Either way you may still have it and for the purpose of physical health that is all that you need to know.
For the purpose of health and meditation, earth is receptive and quiet. Earth is considered ultimate Yin. This may seam self evident, however, but half the body/energy should be yin. Since all of the directions are combinations of yin and yang, it will even out anyway. Tai Chi Earth (as one of the eight directions) is different from Earth in other styles. In some other styles, Earth is a capacity or achievment to enhance where in Tai Chi earth is simply a change things go through on their way to other energy states.

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