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Bear tends to be a lazy, large and efficient animal. This leads to techniques that are built for someone of the same general personality/physical stature of a bear like creature. The Bear stylist tends to be large, strong, and thorough. By lazy I don't mean "sit in front of the tv" lazy, I mean "I don't have time for your crap lazy". The Bear style has no joint locks. The Bear style has no submission holds. The bear style barely (bearly?) has any blocks.

The technique tends to be - hit, throw, lift, throw, stomp. The blocking motions are more often used to knock the opponents block aside so the strike will have nothing in the way. Bear does have blocks but s/he will usually let a technique land so that the grab will be more successful. From this you may figure that body conditioning is a big focus. The trapping of this style uses the body so the hands are more free for other things.

The throws and grappling of Bear are the more brutal techniques of Ho Mei Pai. All the throws drop the opponent on his/her head, no exceptions. The throw usually begins with a hit, then a leaping bear hug (there are many), and then a lift and throw. The Bear claw is added on to all the techniques for its ripping potential.

The weapons favored by Bear tend to be large and, if possible, one handed. The large hammer and large axe are nice with broad sword and chopper being secondary choices. If they choose staff or spear they will have Iron variations made for their use. When they use paired weapons, one of them will be thrown at some point to free up a hand for grabbing. Flexible weapons are seen as a complexity that is not needed.

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