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Ho Mei Pai Dragon is Brutal. It is a combination of all the most devastating techniques from the other animals. This , of course, is different from Dragon Style which consists of nine Dragon variations and is unique from the animal branches of any other system.. Anyway, Dragon also has techniques and tactics that are in addition to other animal training. As for techniques that set Dragon apart, it will use the hands and feet for striking and will even has a claw strike but the claw only holds the target. There are claw rips, but they don't involve grabbing like Tiger does. The grabs are for the kicks because dragon will only kick when the opponent is imobilized. The knees and elbows are favorite body parts. The elbows can cut and allow the forearm to be used for joint locks. This keeps the hands free for claw strikes in case the joint lock doesn't pan out. The knees are for sweeping, throws, and an additional striking surface because " the ground is so far away ". A traditional Dragon Stylist will always hit the opponent off of both knees for any technique. (If he misses then he will let you back up to try again.) The shoulders are used for throws to leave the elbows free. This means that something is always supported by another body part and backed up by another technique.
This brings us to the next big Dragon thing - CONTROL. The Dragon is always under control of everything. Breath, energy, emotion, power, health : these are all things that are considered important. The Dragon is expected to be aware of ,not only the fight ,the opponents training, his attitude, and how much pain is necessary for him to "learn his lesson". Dragons rule the universe. They decide the rain fall, weather, life span, and many other things. As Dragon Style tries to use the Dragon of myth as a template for action and thought, they are known for their egos. Their ego will often lead them by quite a distance. This goes away eventually as the Dragon is also known for wisdom and intelligence. However they look the same from a distance.
The Dragon stylist will know as many weapons as possible but will have chosen a favorite for fighting. Possibly a unique weapon or combination.

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