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How to be an Evil Master.
Being an evil master obviously starts with being an evil student. As a student, it is important that the outlook be truly evil. Evil pays attention to appearance and the pursuit of power to the exclusion of all else. This is important since you do not want to be a Flawed Master, Incompetent Master, or Misguided Master. Each of these can be viewed as an Evil Master but are not actually Evil. To be Evil you must have arrogance, envy, and selfishness. These emotions will color perception and all interactions in life.

At the Evil student level, it is important to win all confrontations. This includes inside, as well as outside the school. If the Evil student can win by technique then he will do so. The more people that can be defeated this way the better. This promotes the appearance of superior skill. This apparent superiority will mask the betrayals necessary at the higher levels.

The Evil student will begin to realise early on that skill takes time, more time than originally estimated. Shortcuts will be necessary if (s)he wishes to achieve prominance within a forseeable time frame. Their are many ways to achieve this. One of the more common ways is to hold back technique. This is the first betrayal achived by the evil student and sets the stage for all other betrayals. This holding back initially causes the student to appear weak and be underestimated. This is of great value in the beginning since it will hamstring the other students. The other students will punch weaker and block ineffectually since that is all they really need to win the confrontations. The Evil student will then begin to change the rules through cajoling, pretence of friendship, pretence of safety, or the pretence of precision. This will decrease the effectiveness of all the techniques practiced by all the students within the school and actually cause the promotion of more incompetant students to a higher level than they should have achieved. The Evil student will continue to practice the more effective techniques while discouraging others from the same level of comittment. The student will go through a couple of levels of this and begin to surpass his/her peers rather quickly. When of a higher rank, the Evil student can begin to use the more effective techniques and claim knowledge of secrets, genetic superiority, or even claim that the opponent isn't working out hard enough. At this point the student can begin to foster the appearance of higher skill. With the new weaker techniques, the student can claim ineffectiveness with "I could take that", "you would have missed", "if I had really hit you then that wouldn't have happened", and my favorite "that is not allowed". As the gap between evil student and other students increases, the evil one can begin to use actual techniques which are obviously better than what the lower level people are doing. At this point the lower level people just assume s/he is better trained and don't bother to question their own incompetance.

The evil student can now begin to focus on the more advanced people. This is actually easier than at lower levels. The advanced students tend to be hard on themselves from years of high standards and are in the habit of going easy on the lower level students. This allows the Evil student the opportunity to betray others publicly since "if they were more skilled, been paying attention, etc; they wouldn't have been beaten by a lower level student." This is all the more effective since it is true. This level of betrayal tends to take place as techniques which hit the groin/eye/etc by "accident", techniques which take place after tapping out, and sparring at an agreed upon pace/power level and suddenly increasing the speed/power of the techniques which is then denied. As the Evil student gets to know the other students then these betrayals can be more personal and damaging on an individual basis.

After this the Evil student will become an Evil teacher and can now make these betrayals a part of the school culture. At this point the Evil teacher doesa not have to worry about anybody duplicating his/her rise and will remain prominant and relativly unchallanged. The other teachers will have to be removed or replaced to solidify the position. This will be accomplished by political manouvers. Lies, social manipulations, and degrading stories are some of the more common techniques. Traditionally various forms of murder were used to remove the other skilled opponents that could not be defeated with technique. The evil teacher will begin to practice techniques on the lower students so as to improve his/her own skill. Since people rarely want to be hurt and the Evil Master has removed the more focused students already; the Evil Teacher will resort to teacher the students techniques which make them succeptible to whatever is being practiced. For example, an Evil teacher will teach students to block and step back into a single leg stance so that they are easy to sweep. They may be taught to have higher stance work so that they are easier to throw. They may be taught to lean into all their techniques so that arm bars are easier. They may even be taught to relaxe into the throw or joint lock so that they don't get hurt. At this point the Evil teacher has the time to train and build enough skills to become an evil master. This is when the Evil really becomes obvious since the Evil person will have to actually hurt people to prove his skill since his students are now so good at faking injury or quiting before they get hurt. The betrayal really kicks into overdrive. Some Evil Teachers would actually begin to attack and kill strangers in other parts of town to make sure they had the skill to do so. Many movies use an Evil Teacher at this stage for a plot device.

The Evil master will usually begin to consolidate his power base next. Since The master is now good enough to defeat others with skill alone, the students will begin to be taught at a higher level so that the school as a whole can defeat other schools. Once the higher levels of these schools are defeated, killed, or run off the Evil master only has to worry about his own students. At this point the Evil master will begin to pretend that there is one correct way to do things. Each instructor will be taken aside and told that "you are the only one working hard enough to be worthy of this secret information. All the others are flawed/taught wrong/can't be trusted/incompetant." this will cause arguments and divisions within the school. At this stage the Evil master only has to look for two things; a students who doesn't argue and more than one student who doesn't argue.

A student who doesn't argue is obviously keeping secrets secret and may be an evil student on the rise. If the Evil student knows what side his bread is buttered on then hes/she may become a trusted assistant and, if subservient enough, learn the effective techniques. This evil student could just as easily find himself kicked out of the system or killed outright.

A group of students who don't argue means one thing. They are looking for real skill and are more loyal to the school or kung fu then to the Evil Master. This is a serious problem to the master since this means they might start a competing school. They might also rise up to defeat the evil master. The Evil master must divide and conquer. they must be removed but not at the same time. Any who leave may just start their own school or join one previously degraded. If they stay together they may also correct the techniques and rediscover the effective principles of the art. Having an evil student is very handy at this level since they will help with the social destruction of the more focused students so that they leave disgraced. A student who gives up training in disgust at the situation is the best the Evil Master can achieve since these people rarely discuss anything with others due to the depression they feel. Killing them is second best since it raises questions such as "are you Evil" and " if the art is so good who could have defeated such a high ranking student". Anything else is the result of the failure of plan A and plan B.

There are things to look for when wondering if the Master is an Evil Master.

Have any of the top students made instructor and why not?

Did they die?

Do they leave in disgust?

Are the students more afraid of being kicked out of the system then they are of being hurt?

Do the instructors pride themselves on knowing more secrets than anybody else?

Do the instructors teach students wrong so they all have the same weekness to the teachers favorite technique?

these are questions which may imply an Evil Master

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