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Ho Mei Pai Horse is a very interesting style. You may have noticed that all the animals beyond the classic five have been big animals. This is no exception. The horse is seen as an animal that is strong, precise, and very physical. The techniques are therefore based on strength and physical positioning. It uses high kicks low stances and power punching. Unlike crane which uses kicks to keep the opponent at a distance, Horse uses the kicks to lift the opponent or bring them closer. The fist techniques tend to punch in less of an arc than the other styles as the horse, when defending his mares, will attempt to stomp on the opponent or drive it back. This is also the main tactic of the style. The hand strike uses the same knuckle as leopard except that the use is different. The Horse fist is supposed to have the same solidity as a hoof while also having a cutting/tearing component. Elbows are used for blocks more often than strikes the knees set up the kicks. The Horse has limited ground fighting except as a means to regain the feet, and the throws are designed to put the person underfoot. This is where the stomping action comes in.

The healing aspect of horse is focused on the muscle and skin. since most of the targets are muscles and other fleshy areas, they tend to do alot of massage.

There is no specific horse weapons although they have their own way of useing them.

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