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Ho Mei Pai Leopard is a system based on enjoyment. That is the emotion that is to be cultivated by this style? It uses the panther fist with a minimum of grabs."It is very efficient for throat strikes" is a common quote in my school. the techniques are close in with the closest or most clearly seen object the first target. After that the moving object is a target. It is the strength system for HMP and as a result most of the techniques involve quickly moving to a weekness in the opponent and then over powering them. The stances are all with the thigh bone parrallel to the floor and the back straight. All the power comes from the entire body as the major movements incorporate kicking and punching as one movement. This is for the speed to hit a person at least 3 times before they can complete even one movement. Training speed and power are the most important things in leopard as the techniques are thought to be self correcting. There are some claw strikes in leopard but they are only when something more than the strikes is needed. The kicks are all low sweeps and shin kicks and knees are a favorite. Elbows are used to block with so as to free up the hands for their job, attacking. There is no ground fighting in leopard because you can't get any lower; and you are already low enough to punch the ground without leaning, why would you lay down? However it does train for getting back up after being thrown. You know that move they do in movies where the person is in a pushup position and goes hopping around on hands and toes trying to get away from the opponent? That is a leopard technique.

The favorite weapons of leopard tend to be short and usually heavy. This , of course, doesn't count weapons that don't gain any benifits of weight like ring daggers or judges pens. Being HMP means that the paired short hammers, axes, and iron rods are also prominent.

I am sorry if this doesn't seem like alot of info but this is one of those styles that didn't need anything more than a lot of practice; no going of in the woods for years or meditating for enlightenment, just practice.

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