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This happy little page will have links to people who have links to my page and some pages from out of my guest book that I have looked at and have found relevant. I may give a short reason for the link unless the information you will find explains itself.

atemi-ryu:I have been to multiple seminars held by the teachers and masters of Atemi-Ryu and can attest to the quality of their instruction. They have shown me nothing but respect in all our dealings and I hold them in the highest regard.
peisa: This gentleman signed my guest book and I looked at his home page. His Kung Fu information is a group of links but they cover a wide range of information. His links that I feel are of the most interest are listed under defiance. I feel that the motivations for a large segment of the martial population is efficiently listed and described here.
Richard Mieir-King : five animal, five ancestor kung Fu.
Mr Mieir-King has contacted me about some new web sites he has. As it turns out the index of his page contains all the new links so I will simply state that his site has been updated.
Wing Lam Kung Fu: Cool school. Sells great combat steel weapons. Hung Gar and Long Fist.
My website is: Abernathy Longevity Systems, Inc.: Offering anti-aging therapy, human growth hormone and hormone replacement, clinical nutrition, together with couseling and support services, along with pharmaceutical grade supplements and protein foods.
last updated on Sunday, january 30, 2005