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Snake as its own variation was the second or third animal, of the basic five, to develop its own seperate style. Subsets of snake are usually cultural, kung, or five element based. They can be considered merely aspects of snake since snake does contain the capacity to be any of them. Snake is also unique in that every style has snake and they all look the same. Every other animal has remarkable similarities but the differences are obvious and the stylists will use those to argue that "they" are not really "animal". Snake does not have that. A snake stylist can be recognized by nearly anyone on a foggy, moonless night, from a distance. However there are tactical and elemental variations.

Cobra is Fire based. As a venom based hunter the stylist wants to have such control of range that they can strike without any retaliation. They target the eyes first to blind as a cobra would. Cobra has awesome footwork and stances. Their stances are limited in number since they need the capacity to move in any direction and avoid stances that have a focus. The focus for the strikes comes from the kung training and the intent. The wickedly fast hand strikes comes from the fire training. It is required that you have the finger tip strike developed before cobra training can really begin. Short power styles tend to work towards this style variation.

Iron snake or metal snake Requires the ability to put your hand through things, like people. It of course looks just like every other variation but tends to go in a straight line. It will cut away at your attacks and pierce your defense. It also requires the finger tip strike but is more physically based. There is not as much mental focus training as in other variations.

Earth snake requires body conditioning. Since the earth is continuous and unstoppable, so is your technique. Endurance is trained as well as the ability to transition through anything, like people. Bone breaks happen but are ignored as the throat is where the action is.

Wood snake tends to have impossible range and flexibility. Wierd yoga and single leg training are favored by the wood stylist. They have whipping strikes and tend to through the body behind strikes, like a falling tree. Direction changes are an important concept and therefore the multiple opponent defense is a favored concept. They won't always have the finger tip strike up to kung level but have tremendous forearms that they bludgeon the opponent with.

Water snake is usually where people end up. Evasion is the primary asset with multiple strikes. Like water wearing away at the rock, the snake stylist hits until the opponent falls, literally. If they hit you and kill/knock you out they will continue hitting until they hear your head hit the ground, and then step on it. Since water lifts and throws things (like waves, oooh)the throw training and stance destruction are in this variation. Water snake has the wonderful capacity to defeat people while they appear to be winning. They also finish the fight by getting people in the air and hitting on the way down. They try to get the throat strike to coinside with the head hitting the ground, cause its cool. Water snake is also the primary/easiest to learn variation and is taught first. All the other variations are taught together with the advanced water movements/concepts with the student picking his/her favorite advanced path. Only snake people can really tell them apart, others can only discern the information by the pain caused them.

because of the throat/groin/eye targets many styles considered snake techniques/concepts to be assassin training and if something was to be removed, it would be snake. This also removed much of the healing training, but that is what medicine was for. Most religions also taught that snakes were evil and stylists in those religions removed snake for those reasons.weenies.
The tactic for all snake variations is to wait for the opponent to attack. When a person is at rest they aren't focused and have the potential to react to anything. When a person attacks, or even wants to attack, they will focus their mind and power. This will open the body to certain attacks and cause there mind to ignore certain possibilities. The Snake will attempt to dictate that focus by apearing to open targets on their own body. You will hear new opponent say "I could just kick his leg" more experienced opponents will just look away as the new guy hands his groin over for some testicular mayhem. oooh, thats not gonna leave a mark.

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