Ho Mei Pai Tiger

This Tiger, like all Tiger, uses the Tiger claw as the main weapon. As an addition to Ho Mei Pai it is a little higher in the stance than normal to add the body weight to the technique. The tactic is still to go forward until you can't see the enemy, then turn around; yet diagnal stepping is used for positioning. The claw in all this, while ripping , is to hold the target stationary for the follow up strike. Tiger tends not to throw because then you would have to go and get him, now wouldn't you. Joint locks are used extensivly for bringing prefered targets within range. At the advanced levels the joint locks become attempts to rend the limbs off. This is one reason that you won't see advanced tiger chi'na seminars. Tiger has no pressure points, although it will take advantage of joint weekness, which happen to share locality. Kicks are used but only when both claws are used. This makes the kicking short and brutal with raking knee strikes. In the way a Tiger hunts and fights all strikes set up the claws; and in Ho Mei Pai the claw sets up the strike for a punch-claw-throaty laugh-big wind up and punch technique.It is also the only style that I personally know of that gets simpler as the style advances. Of course, if you can claw a hole in a brick, do you need a second movement? The tiger will expose the back because they feel it exposes the opponents underbelly, guess why. Some of the favorite weapons are Staff, Broadsword, Double Broadsword, short/hand Axes, short Hammers, Tai dao, Wolf Tooth Mace, any other large heavy weapon. One thing to keep in mind, A tiger stylist tends to sympathize with Tigers. Don't wear tiger furs or be carrying a tiger fork when you meet them, They will take it personally. Any clue that Tigers are not unstoppable (like evidence of a hunted one) will make them a wee bit testy.

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