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The Horse Bench is classified as furniture. It tended to be a unique weapon in the past, but its popularity has grown and now many styles have it. It is classified with other furniture that is small enough to grasp and sturdy enough to take a beating. This includes small tables, other stools, chairs, baskets, and even small cabinets. Its popularity as a weapon concept shows, and is a result of, the growth of martial arts in from a military/religious exercise to a more civilian pursuite. Since no general would even think of not having his weapon and having to use his stool, It is relativly obvious that the Horse Bench was a poor, non-military, development to take into account ambush in the workplace. Why it is called a horse bench isn't clear to me. Possible reasons that occur to me are - a bench used to mount horses, a bench used in the shoeing and other horse higene acts, or a name used to describe its leg position and relative strength and stability.

The Horse Bench itself is collapsible, signafying storage or transport requirments. It is rectangular and has four legs. Its hight is such that sitting on it should simulate a low horse stance position. Its width is that of the center line( distance between the eyes) and its length is from palm to ear. I have presented the relative measurments for your own construction purposes. Bear in mind that other schools may have other dimensions and will have technique to allow for the difference.

As far as technique, it can be used at any range, for joint locks, throws, striking, and hooking. Nearly all of the techniques can be modified for use with larger benches, round stools, and any other furniture that can be lifted. If you expect or are preparing for an attack inside your home then Horse Bench is for you. If you carry a weapon around all the time then you can wait with the bench training or train it "just in case".

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