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The Rope dart falls under the heading of magical weapon. It also falls under the awesome or loser range of skill. there are people with almost magical capacity useing it as a weapon or there are people who can't fight their way out of a paper bag. The forms are nice but not combat oriented. The purpose of a rope dart form is to train you not to hit yourself in the back of the head, the shin, the throat, and keep yuo from strangling yourself with the rope. something to keep in mind if you haven't done weapon training yet - every weapon has a favorite target on your opponent and your self. Sword teachers tell you to always know where the other hand is, guess why.

The rope dart is designed to build up energy and explosivly project it. It goes from pefect circles to straight lines in use and has the capacity to spiral at the higher levels. The training wants to develop the capacity to have instant and extreme direction changes without losing power.

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